Love and Divorce in the Workplace

When Too Much Fun at Happy Hours and Christmas Parties Leads to Public Shunning

We worked for the same company, in a bullpen of a hundred cubicles, and I couldn’t believe my luck. A fresh college graduate, I’d landed in that rare paradise of a work crowd that liked to socialize. Art was my boss at the beginning. In fact, he’d been the manager who’d hired me. Once the news of our blossoming love affair became public knowledge, however, the powers-that-be gladly scooted me to another middle manager-with everyone’s blessing.

Two years of frolic ensued, filled with happy hours, Christmas parties, ski trips, camping trips, and houseboat trips-an unending revelry of laughter and too much alcohol.

We held the wedding in our backyard-a simple affair and no gifts, since it was his second wedding. I made lasagna for a hundred and wore a form-fitting satiny blue dress with a big, poofy ruffle at the bottom. The work gang attended, and we danced like fools.

Two years later, I realized that it wasn’t working and would never work. I tried to visualize growing old with him and couldn’t. It was like our future couldn’t exist.  [more]

(published in its entirety on Yahoo! Voices)