About Diane Sundstrom

It’s always hard to write a good “About me”-type of document. Am I writing a resume or listing my hobbies or naming off dates and hometowns? I’ve “been” many things, if one’s occupation describes what one “is”. I’ve held down jobs as an electrical engineer designing integrated circuits, writing test programs, managing projects; a college professor teaching math, French, and piano; a French translator, assistant to a former US senator; and I am now writing a novel. I don’t feel, however, that any of these positions has ever really defined me, and luckily these days it doesn’t seem to be as important to me to have a specific label. If it was, it would have to change every day!

I’m into a lot, and Sund’ Side Up is my “accountability” place, with a spotlight on the positive, on the “upside” of life. I love to travel, cook, play the piano, create photos and videos, and write stories, so a little bit of all of this will eventually creep onto my site. My unending goal is to experience as much life as is within my grasp. The technical side of me has been rather starved lately, so I’m teaching myself how to write the code for this website myself—because I needed one more project. (Let me know if something doesn’t work!)

My husband Ray and I have recently moved to Boston–read all about it in the recent “Boston” blogs! We spent the three years before that splitting our time between our family farm in Letcher, South Dakota, and an apartment in Los Gatos, California—two very different worlds. If I haven’t set foot on a plane, train, or boat at least every three weeks or so, I start to get antsy. I’ve moved around a bit, living in Ohio, Arizona, California, France, South Dakota, and now in New England, and as a result, my friends are scattered all over the world, and I wish I could hang out with more of them more often.

That’s it for now—there’s no easy way to sum up the “About me”. The page is still being written. The best way to really know about me is probably just to read through my blogs!

  • Carl Marthom

    Hi Diana, I hope that I’ll have opportunity to take news of you not only with your blogs !!
    Signé : les habitants de la gare….